this fraud company came to my college for placements, selected 9 students out of 50 and gave us the offfer letter on same date.

gave us the joining after a month and told us the pakage of 2.4 lac p.a. in our college.

After a month when we reached chandigarh , and visited there office (it was just a floor office,and that too on rent from lpu college and same floor is shared by 3 institutes,one is this company).

when we reach there , they put us the condition of joining a pre placement training of 3 months without pay. and for that we need to pay 15000 which were supposed to be refundable after training.

this condition of submitting 15000 was not even talked about when they came our college.they said over there that ,you will be paid nothing and you'll be charged nothing.

we arranged 15000 somehow and gave it to them.

done my training somehow in 3 month which in fact was nothing more than a coaching class. we came study only basics and go....

at that time the there proffessional developer were getting salary of 3000 per month. thats pretty low ,not even that ,that we bear our own expenses. and developer got cheated by the MD . jitendra jhangra by not telling them the real price of projects and putting unnessesary burdain.....

seeing that, all our training batch consistins of 120 students decided to leave the company..

When we go to MD after our training gets over, for refunding..he declared that he has no money on our face.

we argued on the fact that it was clear clear frauding and nothing else but he just have one word for us "nothing"....

didnt gave the experience letter too...... and no money 15000 frauded

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